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  • Broad Chain
    This is a heavy silver chain for those who love to wear thick chain which can be easily noticible.Broad design gives it descent look.  ..
    Rs. 8,950.00
  • Twist Chain
    This is combination of two flat silver chains twisted together,one having black finishing.This combination makes this chain eye catching. ..
    Rs. 1,510.00
  • Box Chain
    This chain is made with small silver box shapes combined in a series.Box shape gives it stylish look. ..
    Rs. 1,715.00
  • Rope Chain
    This chain having a sleek rope of silver, this chain is meant for everyday wear.Rope chain can also paired up with a stunning pendant and wear on special occasions.   ..
    Rs. 1,050.00
  • Tangle Chain
    This chain is made from silver circles tangled in each other.It gives you fashionable look.  ..
    Rs. 2,880.00
  • Heart Chain
    A silver heart attached to the silver chain for lovely appearance in your neck line.This stunning chain boost your feminie look. ..
    Rs. 1,140.00