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  • Monadish
    Use for serving various liquid items.It has nice naxi on the edge. ..
    Rs. 2,200.00
  • Beeding Wati
    Its a total vertical shaped bowl with beeding on brim of the bowl for strength.It is available in either plain polish,dul polish or delhi dul polish.It can also be hand chased(naxi) for different look.Beeding wati generally used for dinner, serving liquid products. ..
    Rs. 3,850.00
  • Asha Wati
    Its a low height ,handi shaped bowl ,a very modern looking bowl which can be made in 99%.A similar type bowl which can be made in less purity is Lagan Bowl but available in few sizes only. ..
    Rs. 3,519.00
  • Beeding Bowl
    Its typical dinner bowl.A bit curved at the bottom and widened at the brim to give it a bit larger size look.Used in dinner sets. ..
    Rs. 2,346.00
  • Plain Wati / Katori
    Vertical shaped with a 90 degree base without beeding on brim.Use for serving liquid products. ..
    Rs. 2,750.00
  • Naxi Bowl
    This silver bowl having a beautiful naxi which makes it attractive. ..
    Rs. 2,200.00