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  • Single Datta
    This is solid Datta murti.Datta represents trimurti as Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva. ..
    Rs. 3,850.00
  • Vishnu Laxmi Joint
    This is Vishnu & Laxmi cobined standing ghat murti on a base. ..
    Rs. 2,750.00
  • Mahalaxmi/Ambabai
    This is solid Mahalaxmi murti of Kolhapur. It is considered that the darshan of Shri. Balaji of Tirumala is incomplete without visiting goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur. ..
    Rs. 6,875.00
  • Shankar
    The other popular names associated with Shiva are Mahadev, Mahesh, Maheshwar, Shankar, Shambhu, Rudra, Har, Trilochan, Devendra.The main iconographical attributes of Shiva are the third eye on his forehead, the snake Vasuki around his neck, the crescent moon adorning, the holy river Ganga flowing fr..
    Rs. 5,500.00
  • Radha Krushna Joint
    Radha Krushna  are collectively known within hinduism as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of God.Radha Krushna represents the spiritual love. ..
    Rs. 2,750.00
  • Radha
    Radha also called Radhika, Radharani and Radhikarani, is almost always depicted alongside Krushna.Radha is the most important gopi in Raas (Special kind of dance) with Lord Krishna. ..
    Rs. 1,100.00