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  • Radha Krushna Romantic
    Radha Krushna  are collectively known within hinduism as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of God.Radha Krushna represents the spiritual love. ..
    Rs. 2,750.00
  • Ram Darbar(Prabhaval)
    Ram is seventh avatar of Hindu god Vishnu.This solid murti Ram Darbar contains Ram,Laxman,Sita & Hanuman taking blessings. ..
    Rs. 3,850.00
  • Kuber
    Rs. 3,850.00
  • Vitthal Rukmini
    Vitthal is known by many names, Vitthoba, Panduranga, Pandharinath, Hari and Narayan.Vithoba's main temple stands at Pandharpur in Maharashtra, close to the Karnataka border. Vithoba legends revolve around his devotee Pundalik, who is credited with bringing the deity to Pandharpur. ..
    Rs. 3,300.00
  • Gaay Datta
    Datta represents trimurti as Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.This solid Datta murti standing infront of gaay.Datta is worshiped in Hindu festivals & rituals. ..
    Rs. 6,875.00
  • Ambamata
    Ambamata which also known as Durgamata represents power of women. ..
    Rs. 4,125.00